Monday, October 16, 2006


Monday morning, rainy Monday morning, cold, rainy Monday morning, damp, cold, rainy, dreary Monday morning. And so on.

The good news is that coffee always tastes better on days such as this. Ten times better, in fact, then it does on those hot, humid July mornings. Unless, of course, a thunderstorm is promised. Summer morning thunderstorms, while quite rare, are always one of the highlights of summer. Honestly, though, I do not think we had one this year. Still time, though, yes the calendar says fall, the window says fall, the trees say fall, my mood says fall, but we still have a little time left for magic before winter comes crashing down around us.

The funny thing is, I look forward to winter. To the first snowfall, to sweaters and scarves and getting warm again. I think we all do to some degree, though most folks here are so ingrained to compain about the cold and the snow that they are disinclined to admit it. January SUCKS, yes, but December holds much to be desired.

Dark. Yep, that's the one thing that gets to me, the darkness. Dark when you leave, dark when you get home. Dark, dark, dark. Oh, and the dry skin. That sucks, too.

We attended yet another wedding over the weekend. An outdoor affair. It was miserable. Also managed to spend some quality time in the yard on Sunday afternoon, which was a brilliant afternoon to be out and about. High blue skies, warm, even the highway was quiet. I cleaned out the sticks on the side of the garage, raked, mowed, and took the bags and bags and bags to two different drop-off sites. The second one took me by our first home. The lawn needed mowing.

Upon finishing, I slurped a bottle of beer on the front stoop with my new friends, the pumpkins. I do not plan on carving them, just got them to give Oxford Town a taste of the season.

There is a picture of me with my mother and siblings that was taken about three weeks after my father passed. I was thirteen or so, mom an already old 40, sister 15, brother seven. We were with our carved pumpkins, so obviously striving for normalcy. It is a terribly sad photo, and I think of it whenever I think of pumpkins. As such, I have not purchased or carved them in my adult life. Buying pumpkins yesterday was a big step for me.

Murray got one, too. His only cost a dollar.