Friday, October 13, 2006


Here at the toy company, we have half-day Fridays April through September. It is one of the perks they offer because they can't pay any of us half of what we deserve.

All summer long, I would bolt from the office at noon, head home, take Murray for a long, leisurely walk, work in the yard, and have some early beers. It was great. Now it's over.

This is my first full Friday since half-day Fridays ended (I was off last Friday: picking up a tux for a buddy's wedding and then watching the Twins fail to push the sun back into the sky and give me one more day of summer), and I am dreading it. Friday at about three is the worst time of the week. It is worse than Monday at eight in the morning, or Tuesday noon-ish. The good news is that marketing manager and I are bolting at nine to tour potential winter party locations (Calhoun Beach Club and the Minneapolis Club, for you locals), then we are heading out for a long lunch (no cocktails), so that will break up the day a little. The bad news is that I have two projects looming (well, three, but I refuse to crank the widget on number three on the first full Friday since March).

It is still cold here. Bitterly cold. I was heartened this morning to hear that it was supposed to warm up over the weekend, but the weatherman had to ruin it by saying: 'good chance to get out and rake those leaves!'

Fuck you.

You know, I hate when weatherman get bossy. 'Better throw a sweater on before heading out the door' or 'Better pack an umbrella' or 'Crack those windows, gonna be great sleeping weather!' Fuck you, mom. Don't tell me what to do! Who do you think you are??

Yesterday, I booked a flight to Pittsburgh for a buddy's wedding. Going stag. Should be interesting. I am not packing anything, as I fly in that afternoon and out the next morning. Bringing my wallet and my cell phone. Gonna sleep in my suit.

I remember an old Rolling Stones documentary, they were talking about one of Jagger's girlfriends, and how she was a spontaneous person. Without the benefit of diction, this always piqued my interest: 'she was known to get on a airplane with nothing but a credit card in her pocket'. I always thought thought that was cool. Still do. Finally, I get to experience it for myself.

Of course, I am going to Pittsburgh, and Jaggeer's girlfriend was probably going to Morocco to do coke with Brian Epstein and James Taylor.